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Smoky Pulled Pork Burger

This burger checks off every requirement there is for a great burger; it's juicy and full of flavor. It is literally one of the best burgers I've ever had! The pulled pork adds a smoky BBQ flavor and is literally good enough to eat all on its own. I actually have a pulled pork slider recipe here. The oven roasted jalapeños and spicy ranch gives it a nice kick. This burger has just enough heat to give you the sniffles, but, not enough to make you sweat.

You can never go wrong with a couple slices of bacon and a slice of cheese! We also top things off with fried onions and you can't forget about the pickles. All of this in between a lightly toasted bun? I'm telling you this burger will quickly become one of your favorites.

Let's get into the things you will need down below.


What you need:

Makes 2 Burgers


2 Beyond Meat Burgers or Vegan Burgers of Choice

Salt & Pepper to Taste

Garlic Powder to Taste

Onion Powder to Taste

For the Pulled Pork:

1 Can Jackfruit (10.5 OZ)

1/4 Cup BBQ Sauce

1-2 TSP Agave

3-4 Drops Liquid Smoke (optional)

Juice from 1/2 a lemon

Salt & Pepper to Taste

Garlic Powder to Taste

Smoked Paprika to Taste


Fried Onions


Dairy Free Spicy/Chipotle Ranch (I used Hidden Valley)

1 Sliced Jalapeño

Slice of Vegan Cheese

4 Slices of Vegan Bacon (I used Sweet Earth)

2 Buns, lightly toasted


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Wash and slice your jalapeño and place it on a baking sheet. Let it roast in the oven 10-20 minutes until they begin to brown and shrivel a bit. Set them aside for assembly.

Drain your jackfruit and remove any seeds. Saute in a skillet over medium heat in a bit of oil. Season and add in liquid smoke if using. Add in the agave and lemon juice. Lastly, toss in the BBQ sauce. Continue to let simmer until heated through. Set aside on a different burner on low heat, stirring occasionally.

Fry your bacon until crispy and reserve in the oven on low heat. Season the burger patties. Fry the burgers over medium heat until desired doneness; I prefer well done. Place the slices of cheese on top and allow it to melt down in the skillet. Lastly, toast the insides of your buns on the same skillet so that they can absorb the flavor.

Slather your buns in the vegan ranch and a bit of BBQ sauce. Assemble. Serve with fries or chips and enjoy!


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