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about Pretty Brown Vegan


Shay, Creator of 

Pretty Brown Vegan


Indianapolis/DALLAS based blogger, food photographer , vegan culinary artist

90 lbs into my weight-loss journey, I made the decision to transition to a vegan or plant-based diet. I was motivated by a number of things, but, my health and well-being was at the very top of that list. Day by day I have begun to filter out my prior faves such as meats and dairy; but, day by day I also open my eyes up to learning some new faves.

Pretty Brown Vegan is a space for new and/or transitioning vegans to learn fun and simple ways to enjoy vegan foods. No matter your age, race, shape, or size we can all transition to a healthier lifesyle. 


Now that I am transitioning, I constantly search for vegan and gluten free recipes that will be great for my health but will also be delicious to eat. I want to make sure I don’t sacrifice my enjoyment of food for my health. As a curly haired brown girl raised on food filled with my grandmother's foot and soul, I love to try my hand at food that is visually appealing, and lip smacking good.

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