Vegan Pesto Fettuccine

Hey there loves! Forgive my time off - my life has been a never ending emotional rollercoaster; as such, my life has also been filled with pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.

Judge me. I beg you. I neeeeeed the judgement right now and my lovehandles do too.

Despite it all a pasta feast was on the list of my last big carbohydrate buckets list necessities. Currently, I'm staring at a cup of black coffee wondering if Keto was the way to go...I'll get back with you on that in a month or so.

This Pesto Pasta was a key player in the pasta feast, and, outside of the carbs it's really not too terrible for you health wise. It's super fresh and flavorful. Also - it's easy AF.

Here's a link to me making it on YouTube:

Keep on reading keeping on for the printed recipe.