Cookies & Cream Chocolate Cake

Finding out that Oreos were vegan made this transition a tiny bit easier. I love sweets, and, Oreos (with a glass of milk) has always been in my top 5 cookies. This cake combines my love of Oreos with my love of chocolate cake.

#VegansLoveChocolateCakeToo !

The eggs here are replaced with pureed beets - which keeps the texture of the cake super moist. You can't taste the beets at all and you get a little dose of veggies in the form of a sweet treat. Win win.

The whipped topping is made from one of my vegan holy grail egg white replacements: Chickpea Juice! This is also referred to as Aquafaba, which can be made from the juice of almost any canned legume (write that down).

Those last two paragraphs may leave you a little skeptical, but, TRUST BE BOO; it's delish. I got you! Let's get to it.