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Mac & Cheese Balls

Of course vegans love mac & cheese! Who doesn't? It's one of the only traditional side dishes that I can actually enjoy as a main course.

These mac & cheese balls are crispy on the outside, yet, contains all of the liquid golden goodness on the inside that you look for in your favorite side dish.

Per usual this recipe is super easy, and, it's fun to eat. I went for a side of traditional marinara sauce for dipping, but, you're free to dip them in whatever your heart desires (or enjoy them alone!).


What you need -

One box of Daiya Brand "Cheezy Mac" | Bowl of Almond Milk | Bowl of Panko Bread Crumbs | Bowl of Organic Flour | Optional: salt, pepper, and/or other seasonings for your mac & cheese base


That's it! Let's get busy.

Prepare your "Cheezy Mac" following package instructions. Set aside and allow to cool and set firm. Roughly 15-20 minutes.

While this is cooling, heat a small skillet of coconut or olive oil.

Scoop out your cooled and firmed mac & cheese by the spoonful and press into a ball between your hands. Roll the ball gently into the flour and re-press, repeating until the ball is firm. Dip the ball into the almond milk just enough to coat the outside; avoid completely submerging if possible to avoid loosening up the ball shape.

Once it is moist, roll the ball in the bowl of panko crumbs; being sure to coat it evenly.

Drop the ball gently into the oil and fry each side until golden brown.

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