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Almond Truffles

Hey there! After a month long hiatus (unless you follow my IG, @Prettybrownvegan, where I'm always posting food) I am finally back with some new recipes!

Nothing says comeback like a mouthful of silky smooth chocolate. These truffles are chocolaty, creamy, and slightly crunchy deliciousness. They're a fun yet sophisticated treat.

Grab your food processor and whip up something sexy and surprisingly vegan for bae. He or she will thank you in chocolate coated kisses later.


You need:

10-12 Pitted Dates (Soaked in warm water 5-10 minutes) | 2 Spoonfuls of Cocoa Powder | 1 TSP Cinnamon | 2.5 OZ Pack of Sliced Almonds | 1 Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar (Dairy Free)


Add your almonds to your food processor and blend until fine.

Remove and set aside in a small bowl. Add your soaked and pitted dates to the processor and pulse until they are all broken apart and reach a consistent blend.

To your blended dates add your cocoa powder and cinnamon. Add your almonds bit by bit while processing, saving a small portion for topping later. You may need to stop and scrape down the sides midway while processing into a smooth mixture.

Once blended, palm roll 6-8 balls in your hands. Place your balls on wax paper to prevent sticking and pop into the freezer 10-15 minutes.

While freezing, melt your chocolate bar over a double boiler on the stove. (The microwave will also suffice). You may want to melt it down with a little almond milk or vegan butter (optional).

Remove your balls from the freezer and roll in the chocolate mixture. Sprinkle each truffle with a bit of processed almonds and pop back into the freezer on your wax paper an additional 10-20 minutes.



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