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Hey there! After a month long hiatus (unless you follow my snap, @Prettygrlbrown, where I'm always cooking) I am finally back with some new recipes!

Nothing says comeback like a mouthful of silky smooth chocolate. These truffles are chocolaty, creamy, and slightly cru...

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Hey there! My name is Shay. I made the decision to cut animal products out of my diet a few years ago; but, that doesn't mean I had to cut flavor out too! Pretty Brown Vegan is a space for plant based comfort food made easy. Let's eat.

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Welcome to this week's episode of True Life: I'm Addicted to Pasta. I don't care what anyone says; I cannot live a life without carbs! Especially not when I realized I can enjoy Classic Chicken Fettuccine as a vegan. Yes, you read that right: Vegan Chicken Fettuccine. 


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