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Hella Hot Fried Chicken

If you've been following me for awhile you know I LOVE fried chicken. I have a mild obsession with veganizing every type of chicken I ever enjoyed pre-vegan life; and, this Hot Chicken recipe is one recreation I will keep on repeat for awhile.

Despite being doused in a sweet heat sauce I whipped together using some good ole Franks Hot Sauce, it still retains a little bit of that fried chicken crisp us former carnivores all know and love. It's juicy and downright delicious and the vegan pork rinds I used in the breading takes it to another level of goodness. Please keep in mind that despite it being hella good, it's also hella hot! Keep a piece of bread and a glass of water within reach, sis.

What You Need:

Makes one chicken breast

2 Fully Thawed Gardein Chickn Scallopini

1/2 Bag Outstanding Food Hella Hot Pork Rinds

1/2 Cup Flour of Choice, divided in half

1 Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg (prepared according to package + an additional 1 TBSP of water) (can also use Just Egg)

1 TSP Salt

1 TSP Pepper

2 TSP Cayenne Pepper

2 TSP Chili Powder

1 TSP Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

Oil for Frying

Sweet Heat Sauce:

1/2 TSP Hot Frying Oil From Skillet

1 TSP Agave

1 TSP Franks Red Hot Sauce

(You can play around with these measurements to get a more sweet or more hot flavor!)

Lets Do This:

Heat up your oil in a skillet on med-high heat. Place 1/4 of your flour into a bowl. In a large zip lock bag add in the remaining flour and your pork rinds. Also add in your seasonings. Seal and crush everything together using a rolling pin. You can also blitz these items together in a food processor and pour into a large zip lock afterwards.

In a separate bowl prepare your vegan egg. I add in a little bit more water than the package recommends so its not overly thick. I also like to season my vegan egg with a little salt and pepper here but that is totally optional.

Mash and form your chicken into your desired shape. Dip it first into the plain flour, then the egg mixture. Repeat this step one more time for a flakier crust(optional) before tossing the chicken in the pork rind mixture until evenly coated.

Fry evenly on both sides until golden and allow to cool on a wire rack placed above a paper towel. You can cool it directly on the paper towel but I believe that takes a way a little bit of the crispiness.

Whip together and top with optional Sweet Heat Sauce and enjoy!

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