Stuffed Shells

Over the last few weeks I’ve been transitioning towards a vegan lifestyle, and, its been hard! I never realized just how many of my favorite foods were made from animal based ingredients. My body has been thanking me in the form of: an extremely regular digestive system, less bloating, more energy, and surprisingly enough, more money in my pocket from consuming less take-out.

I’ve always loved cooking at home, but, have you had Popeye’s !? Girl.

Cutting out my faves, like chicken and cheese, has limited my fast food options and increased my time standing over the stove. A co-worker of mine recommended I order a cookbook from Minimalist Baker, and, I am so glad he did.

One of my easy favorites: Stuffed Pasta. She recommended stuffed shells but I went with Manicotti. I also went a little spicy, because, spice.

All you need: