Parmesan Stuffed Chicken

Giving up chicken was extremely difficult for me during my transition to a plant based diet; it was second only to my battle with eliminating cheese and other dairy from my meals. I often find myself recreating some of the chicken dishes I once enjoyed and this vegan stuffed chicken breast truly satisfied both my poultry and dairy desires.

This vegan chicken breast is tender, and, much to my delight turned out to be totally juicy. Once you slice your knife into it the vegan butter it simmered in oozes yummy flavors all over the cheesy interior.

You have the option to play around with the Parmesan filling here. The cheese shreds will be folded into Vegan Cream Cheese; you can go for plain cream cheese, chive, or even scallion flavored if you're feeling daring! All of the filling ingredients will pair nicely with whatever flavor cream cheese you're in the mood for. I picked mine up from my local Whole Foods.

I let the protein be the star of the plate and served this all over some simple sautéed kale, but, feel free to kick those sides up a notch! I think mashed potatoes would also be an amazing pairing (especially cheesy ones...yum!)

What You Need:

(Makes 1 Breast)