Chocolate Banana Loaf | Gluten Free

Just about everyone on my timeline is making banana nut bread to pass the time during quarantine. I think it's great that everyone is discovering how great banana bread is, but, I've been a fan of this dessert as long as I remember. #TrueToThis

I think its the sweet but not overly sweet factor that hits for me. That factor also makes it the perfect base to add a little chocolate on top, and, inside of. This gluten free loaf is super chocolatey and fulfilling, but, it won't send you running to the dentist afterwards. I've never tried Plantain Flour before this recipe, but, after this loaf it surely won't be my last time working with it. I linked the Black Owned Brand below that I ordered it from!

I get all the chocolate banana flavors I desire while still holding back on the carbs. You deserve to treat yourself and still look good too! Let's get your grocery list ready.

What you need:

1 1/2 cups gluten free flour (I used Plantain Flour found, here)