Baked Mac & Cheese

Anyone who grew up on soul food knows the level of importance that Baked Mac & Cheese holds on the Sunday dinner table. It needs to be cheesy, and, I mean CHEESY. There is definitely a multiple cheese requirement; cheddar only mac & cheese simply won't do. Oh, and don't you dare forget that slightly golden layer on top rippled with small mosaics of broiled cheese. These flashbacks are making me hungry!

This Baked Mac & Cheese recipe will fulfill all of your cheddar and parmesan desires; minus all that pesky dairy. I throw in almost every vegan cheese but the kitchen sink; my taste buds are still thanking me.

What you need:

1.5 lbs elbow pasta (cook according to package before baking)

1 bag Daiya Cheddar Shreds

1 bag Daiya Mozzarella Shreds

1 wedge Violife Parmesan Cheese

1 package Follow Your Heart Gouda Cheese (slices)