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Pizza Toast

Today I swapped out pizza dough, subbed in honey whole wheat bread, saved on some calories, and enjoyed pizza bae all within 15 minutes. T'was a good day.

Pizza toast is a quick low calorie snack, or lunch, that you can have just about any day (or every day). It's super easy and super vegan. Thus, this will be a super quick post.

Let's get into it.


1 Slice Honey Whole Wheat Bread | Organic/Dairy Free Pizza Sauce | Daiya or other Vegan Cheese Shreds | Toppings of choice - I chose Spinach, Sliced Tomato, Basil, and Vegan Pepperoni Slices


Place your bread in a toaster until just brown or in the oven on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees for 5-6 minutes until slightly toasted. If you prefer you can brush edges with melted vegan butter or EVOO after toasting. Spread pizza sauce evenly, and add toppings. Return to the oven for and additional 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.

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